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Individeos Showreel 2014
Date: 15 of December of 2013

Capitão Falcão, the feature we've been working on for the past few months, has finished filming. We're ready for the next step, as we enter 2014 and start post-production straight away. Happy holidays!

Date: 05 of October of 2013

 Our TV series got turned into a feature film and we start shooting this fall. We're now casting, arranging locations and getting everything set up to bring Capitão Falcão to life. Watch this space for updates!

Date: 27 of September of 2011

This is Max, one of the main actors for the Sci-Fi project "Space Bill & Max" that we're shooting in late 2012.

He's a big guy and a bit grumpy, but he's also one of the most easy-to-direct actors we've ever had the pleasure to work with.

He was built by the amazing people at MillenniumFX and we'll tell you more about him as we get closer to a shooting date.

Date: 22 of September of 2011

What is pretty much the coolest Cinema/TV website in the world - Twitch - covered our TV series trailer debut and they seem to really like it.


You can read it all right here!

Date: 08 of September of 2011

Our new tv series - Capitão Falcão - was finally announced yesterday to a roaring crowd in the S. Jorge Cinema at the opening of the MOTELx Film Festival. It was pretty much a perfect premiere and we're all very happy with the crowd's amazing reception.

You can also check the trailer on www.capitaofalcao.com

And you should probably follow Capitão Falcão on Facebook if you're into that sort of thing as well!

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