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Space Bill & Max (4 News )
Date: 27 of September of 2011

This is Max, one of the main actors for the Sci-Fi project "Space Bill & Max" that we're shooting in late 2012.

He's a big guy and a bit grumpy, but he's also one of the most easy-to-direct actors we've ever had the pleasure to work with.

He was built by the amazing people at MillenniumFX and we'll tell you more about him as we get closer to a shooting date.

Date: 13 of March of 2011

The Robots that were being built at Millennium FX just arrived at the Feyo Design workshop in Oporto where they'll b...

Date: 28 of February of 2011

Somewhere in Chesham, at the Millennium FX Studios, “Max” is being worked on by a kickass Special Effects team. The Millennium guys have done way too much amazing wo...

Date: 28 of February of 2011

This evil-looking robot blaster was designed by Alexandre Jacinto and the real weapon is already being built in Oporto at the Feyo Design studios. The weapons are awaiting the a...

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The Team
João Leitão - Writer/Director
Manuel Barbosa - Producer
Mário Costa - Cinematographer/Director
Pedro Leitão - Sound/Director
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